The Princesses (Victoria&Azalea)

Again, with photoshop CS 4 (don’t ask how many layers) and thanks to



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The Fighters

I love to play online games at and of course the category that I definitely select was dress up =..=d and Inever forget to screenshot the result hehe. And this is the result, 

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(sorry the screenshot was so horrible-__-a)

Of course, I did not just screenshot and save it, so I decided to edit it with photoshop CS 4 and sure to killing some time (and okay, don’t ask how many layers I used to it. I forgot-__-a)

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I know this is so awful-_____-a on second thought, it looks like vocaloid :<a *okay, forget it*

Just a Fad

Nya, saya jadi pengen nge-post hari ini 😀 *ngidupin wi-fi diam- diam* ini hanya sekedar iseng iseng saya saja haha.

umii (24) umii (17)

umii (20) umii (9)

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Haha ini hanya sekedar kerjaan saya di waktu senggang saja di tengah-tengah sibuknya membuat tugas dan ekskul *sobsob*. Dun copy without my permission, ok? (^_-)